Free Identity Protection with AllClear ID

allclear2Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has joined all Blue plans around the country in offering free identity protection services to their customers.

The services, which are available through a partnership with AllClear ID, a national vendor specializing in identity protection, include:

  • Credit monitoring (this is not the same thing as credit score reporting)
  • Fraud protection
  • Identity repair, you are the victim of identity theft

While these services are available to Blue Cross customers, the protection extends beyond health information and claims data. If your credit or identity is at risk because of a store’s data breach or because your credit card is stolen, these services will protect you.

Do you want to get identity protection services in 2017 with AllClear ID? Here’s how:

  • If you enrolled with AllClear ID during 2016, you don’t need to re-enroll, you just need to renew. AllClear ID will check in with you to make sure you still want the services. If you do, you will be renewed.
  • If you have never signed up for these services but want them in 2017, you need to opt in. You will not get these services automatically. There are two ways you can do this:
    • Going to the website and entering the code “BCBSLA17;” or
    • Calling 1-855-229-0079 and asking to enroll for identity protection services, using the code “BCBSLA17

You only need to enroll one time and renew each year to be covered for free as long as you remain an eligible Blue Cross customer.

If you want more information about these services, visit


Blue Cross offers FREE identity theft protection

Effective January 1, most Blue Cross plans offer FREE identity protection services to eligible members.

Are you eligible for identity protection services?

Active Blue Cross or HMO Louisiana group and individual members are eligible for free identity protection services. Members will not need to pay anything extra to sign up. Members are eligible as soon as their Blue Cross plans are effective, and are covered as long as they remain an active member.

You are not eligible for these services if you are on Medicare, Medicaid or Federal Employee Program.

Identity Repair Services

Identity repair is automatically available as needed. If you become a victim of identity theft, an AllClear investigator will act as your guide and advocate from start to finish until the issue is resolved.

Ongoing Identity Theft & Credit Monitoring Services

You must enroll in ongoing monitoring services; you will not be automatically enrolled. Enrollees will get:

  • Identity theft monitoring fraud protection services, in which data such as credit card numbers and Social Security numbers are scanned against data sources from security researchers that contain stolen and compromised data, to look for any indication that your data has been used inappropriately.
  • Credit monitoring services, which alert you if banks and creditors use your identity to open new credit accounts.

Sign up online at or call 1-855-229-0079 and enter the code “BCBSLA16.”