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Davis Vision Special Handling – Flood Affected Members

In response to the natural disaster that occurred in Louisiana, Davis Vision is capable and prepared to support members in the affected parishes that need eyeglasses or contacts regardless of past orders or frequency restrictions.  Davis has experience in these emergencies and has a process in place to support these situations.

Process for Members When Requesting Replacement Eyewear

As is the standard process for members today obtaining Davis benefits, when a member goes to an in network provider (which most BCBS LA members do today), the provider will submit a real-time authorization request to Davis for the requested service.

If the member has already received eyewear within the timeframe per their benefits, the system will return a denial.

However, the provider will contact Davis and obtain an authorization to submit the claim under warranty with no cost to the member.

Note: For members that have not already received eyewear and this is their first time obtaining equipment, their claims would follow the standard process and be subject to the copays according to their benefits.


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